Vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Poblenou / Barcelona


Group Dinner

Are you looking for a place for your group dinners, celebrations, business meetings or Christmas dinner?
Join us for delicious and healthy food in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.
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Gastronomic proposal

Our restaurant advocates for respect. Respect for people, animals and the environment. And from those values, we create a true, tasty, traditional and creative cuisine, willing to feed and to provide pleasure for body and soul.

We believe in choosing small-scale producers to select the best ingredients and in preparing meals in a conscious way. And we also think that sharing our passion and work gives us the opportunity to make a positive contribution to a better future.


Our cuisine fuses diverse culinary traditions, vegetarian and vegan, creative and delicious, with a variety of flavors and textures.

We use natural, local and ecological products. We offer classic or daring desserts, also vegan and/or gluten-free, always delicious!

We have a wide variety of craft and local beers. Organic, vegan and natural wines. Homemade vermouth. Freshly made natural fruit juices. Alternative soft drinks. Artisanal kombucha. And nice Italian coffee!
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Daily Menu

Inspired by the macrobiotic principles, we use a wide array of whole grains and organic legumes, seaweed, nuts and seeds, homemade tempeh and seitan, sprouted grains and fermented foods made by us.

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Francesca and Valentina established Aguaribay in 2010 and Augusto joined the team as Chef. Everyone with great experience in gastronomy and a deep motivation for small things made with love and dedication.

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